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Hell's Gate

The Korsun pocket 1944.

Hell's Gate is one of eight wargames published in Philip Sabin's book, Simulating War (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012), the sequel to his acclaimed work Lost Battles.

It simulates the Soviet offensive in ealy 1944 against the German forces around Korsun in Ukraine. The Soviet forces attempted an encirclement of the Germans, while there were subsequent attempts to break the encirclement.

Here you will find a computerised version of the boardgame with downloadble versions for Windows, Linux and OSX.

Marble Surface

Key Features


• Play is by hot seat only (both players sharing the same computer). This allows play by screen sharing over a suitable application such as Zoom.

• There is no AI or online network support at present.

• All actions in the game are mouse controlled. There are some keyboard shortcuts for certain actions.

• The map can be zoomed in and out using the mouse scroll wheel and dragged with the mouse while holding down the left mouse button.

• There is an undo feature for movement and combat.


• The game was created using the monogame software development package and uses .net core 3.1. Thus this needs to be installed on your PC for the game to function.

The .net core libraries are packaged with the game to allow it to be run without needing this extra download.

Marble Surface


Marble Surface





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